S5 Advantages

Christian Effenberger


What is New in S5 1.3?

  • I have notes here!
  • Keen.
  • Remember to tell people that notes are a new feature in 1.2

New since S5 1.3beta3

  • S5 and OperaShow diverged greatly in S5 1.1
  • S5 1.2 should (we hope) bring them into harmony once more
  • S5 1.3 supports scalable images, transitions and autoplay

New since S5 1.3beta4

  • S5 1.3 supports also audio (mp3 files)

New since S5 1.3beta5

  • S5 1.3 supports also scalable objects

New since S5 1.3beta6

Image/Object Handling

Transition Settings

Autoplay Settings

Audio Settings

Audio Object

Navigation Panel

Navigation Panel II

Footer Display

New S5 Themes

(one way of presenting multiple graphics)

Incremental S5 Themes

(one by one!)

Current Limitations

Browser Limitations

Next Improvements

In Summary