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Page: Features

S5 is a flexible and lightweight slide show system available for anyone to use

S5 is Public Domain so anyone can freely modify it to suit their needs

S5 1.1/1.2 Features (can be found on

S5 1.3 additional Features

Auto-scaling of images/objects
scaling If you're setting up to present your 1600x1200 slide show and find out the projector available to you only goes up to 800x600, don't worry. S5 will auto-scale the images/objects accordingly to the text in the presentation to match the browser window, no matter what size you make it. Put class="scale" on any image/object, and it'll be shown scaled. "scale" should always be the first class and <img> or <object> must include width and height attributes.

Image dimension should fit for high resolution displays. Create your slides always in a browser window with inner width and height of 800×600. If your image is (for example) set to 200×160 it should be 400×320 to match even a maximum resolution of 1600×1200.
Use this javascript as a bookmark to setup your browser window.
Check the demonstration examples to get an impression.

Soft transitions (fading)
transitions Transitions are made through browser compatible fading (softly and evenly). Only the content of <div class="slide"> and <img class="incremental" /> will be faded. The header, the footer and the background remain unaffected. The overall duration for slides and incrementals is adjustable.

Auto Play (autorun)
autoplay The automatic play was still missing for kiosk mode. Auto Play supports overall delay for slides and is adjustable through the control panel while running (5·10·15·30·60 Seconds). Runs in an endless loop or only once to the last slide and is also adjustable through the control panel while running.

Sound support
audio Audio support is done through SoundManager 2 (Javascript Sound for the Web). SoundManager Beta V2.0b.20070118 from [] (Requirement: Flash 8 Browser Plugin). SoundManager 2 is not Public Domain (BSD License). Not every modern browser is able to play mp3 via javascript->flash communication!

Chart Support (pie/bar/line)
themes Chart Support is done through parsing html tables at runtime and dynamic generation of scalable canvas graphics. The <table> must include class="piechart" or class="barchart" or class="linechart" and an id with the suffix "_data". The <canvas> must include width and height attributes and the same id like the table, but with the suffix "_canvas". Further instructions can be found at References.


Extended control panel
panel control panel The Themes with the suffix "_utf" uses a scalable control panel with unicode characters to make all adjustments available via mouse click (invoke the control panel at the lower center of the window). The Themes with the suffix "_gfx" uses a fixed dimension control panel with PNG images (invoke the control panel at the bottom of the window). control panel

Advanced New Themes
themes four new themes The new themes makes use of the auto-scaling feature of images and objects. The Advanced theme e.g. shows a scaling logo image in the left and an analogue clock flash in the right of the header area. The Sunny and the School themes shows scaling images in the left top and right bottom.

Supported Browsers of S5 1.3


Current Limitations of S5 1.3

  • Only one author can be listed in the metadata
  • Opera falls back to use OperaShow; thus some extras (like the slide lister) are not available
  • Charts are limited to canvas supporting Browsers
  • S5 1.3 is mostly untested on IE 6/7 (need help)
  • S5 1.3 is still under development (weekly update)

Browser Limitations of S5 1.3

  • Shiira [] strange timing Bug while fading (ignores setTimeout())
  • Opera [] javascript->flash communication fails on Mac
  • Netscape [] javascript->flash communication fails on Mac
  • Gecko Engine driven Browsers need to reload after Window scaling (reflow bug), except using the Graphical Control Panel and Transitions are switched on
    • Firefox
    • Camino
    • Mozilla
    • Seamonkey
  • Internet Explorer [] degrades to version 1.2 (plus Auto Play)

Next Improvements of S5 1.3

  • Audio Support for Links rel="audio/mp3"
  • Adjustments for Internet Explorer 6/7
  • Extensions which I can't imagine yet

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