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S5: Case
  • S5 1.3ß7 with all Themes as ZIP-Archive :
  • S5 1.3ß7 plain and empty Projects as ZIP-Archive :
  • S5 1.3ß7 Documentation as printable PDF-File :
  • S5 1.29rc1 plain and empty Projects as ZIP-Archive :
  • S5 1.1 and 1.2 are still available at
Official homepage of S5 from the original creator Eric A. Meyer
Wikipedia S5 (file format) description
S5project community site
S5key extension
German site about S5 (translated documentation)
Official homepage of Slidy from the original creator Dave Raggett
Official homepage of DOMSlides from the original creator Christian Heilmann
Official homepage of Slideous from the original creator Stefan Gössner
Official homepage of AJAX-S from the original creator Robert Nyman


New since S5 1.3 (in general)

  • Supports Image/Object/Chart scaling based on window size
  • Supports Transitions
    • Slide Transitions based on fade in/out
    • Incremental Image/Object/Chart Transitions (fade in)
    • Configurable Transition Duration
  • Supports Configurable Autoplay
  • Supports Configurable Sounds
  • Supports dynamically generated Charts
  • Extended and modified Navigation Panel
  • Advanced New Themes

New since S5 1.3beta7

  • Supports Pie/Bar/Line Charts
    • Charts are fully scalable
    • Incremental Chart Transitions (fade in)
    • Charts are dynamically generated by parsing existing tables
  • Gecko reflow bug fixed for version with Graphical Control Panel
  • Extended Slide Show fade in/out
  • Added Keyboard Help [backspace]

New since S5 1.3beta6

  • Audio Support for Opera disabled
  • Audio script will be loaded via javascript
  • Block style sheet will be loaded via javascript
  • Extended control panel design
    • Unicode characters as usual (scaled dimension)
    • Symbols made with images (fixed dimension)

New since S5 1.3beta5

  • Audio Support enhanced
  • Extended scaling Support
    • Embedded Objects like SVG/Flash
    • Handling is the same as for images
  • IE behaves like S5 1.2 (+ Auto Play)

New since S5 1.3beta4

  • Supports Audio mp3 (Requirement: Flash 8 Browser Plugin)
  • Audio through SoundManager 2 (Javascript Sound for the Web)
  • SoundManager Beta V2.0b.20070118 at
  • SoundManager 2 is not Public Domain (BSD License)

New since S5 1.3beta3

  • Supports Incremental Object Animation in Auto Play Mode
  • More exact timing in Auto Play Mode
  • Changed Behaviour for Opera
    • Changes automatically to Outline Mode (Browser Window)
    • Changes automatically to Slideshow Mode (Fullscreen Browser)
    • Few Bug fixings

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