These instructions for permanent weight loss, it is intended for people of all skin colors, genders, denominations, origins, ages and other affiliations and identities. So also for children and the elderly. For diabetics and people with celiac disease or other intolerance to certain food ingredients. In pre-adolescent and sick people taking medications or hormones, you should always consult the attending physician. The fonts and character sizes used meet the needs of juniors and seniors.


Prerequisites for sustained weight loss are time and, above all, self-discipline. No requirements for sustained weight loss are money, sports and any equipment or special exercises.

The only exception is a simple and reasonably accurate (0.1 kg) scale, with a large and easy to read display and a sufficiently large measuring range. Such scales are available from 10upwards.

Approved bathroom scales start only from 300. It is used to determine the net weight (also called dry or empty weight). The net weight is the body weight without clothes and with empty stomach, intestine and bladder.

Only this empty weight can be objectively compared. From now on, you will weigh yourself every day as long as you value your weight. Learn more about the causes of obesity.

Plan A

A like abate weight

Before you even begin, you should first measure their weight over a period of at least two, better four weeks a day. This measure is designed to control your current physical condition and clarify whether you are still gaining body weight. Should that be the case Plan B comes into force.

Even if you may not believe it, losing weight is by far the easiest part. Sounds absurd, but it is true. You only need to consume fewer calories than you consume to lose weight.

What sounds difficult is at least since the invention of the so-called "Formula diet" a lightweight venture. The food concentrates as a meal replacement have established whether their one hundred percent functioning.

They work without feeling hungry or other side effects. It is important to limit the number of substitute meals to a maximum of two, better one meal per day.

In this way, it takes longer to the final desired weight, but you can keep it as long as you want. NEVER follow the instructions printed on the frequency of meal replacement for formula diet powders.

Nutrition Concentrate History

The Ulm nutrition specialist Professor Hans Ditschuneit developed the first food with a precisely defined amount of nutrients in the 1980s. The product was put together for fast, controlled weight loss. In 1986, Precon launched the precursor of today's holistic weight reduction program (BCM).

Individual meals are replaced by a well-defined portion of powder food. The nutrients are predominantly balanced in the products. The content of the powder is not arbitrary. According to the diet regulation, micronutrients such as minerals, vitamins and fiber are prescribed by law in prescribed quantities.

The concentrates usually contain fewer calories than a normal meal, but with precisely calculated amounts of protein, starch and fat, as well as the required amounts of the most important minerals, trace elements and vitamins to protect the body from a lack of nutrients and saturate sufficiently. While you are taking it, your body will consume fewer calories every day than it consumes.

In this way you achieve a negative energy balance, which reduces excess fat reserves. The powder can be used for both weight loss and weight gain. Depending on whether you use it to replace individual meals or serve it as a drink in addition to each meal.

Learn more in comparison of nutrition concentrates


kilocalories: 1 kcal = 1000 calories == 4200 Joule
in the decimal system 10³ = 1000
Kilojoule: 1 kJ = 1000 Joule == 239 kcal
Metabolic equivalent for the calculation of energy turnover
Physical Activity Level
celiac Disease
gluten intolerance


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