Apache 2.x, PHP 5.4.x, HTML 5, CSS 3 - Framework for a fully functional base according to the philosophy of „progressive enhancement“.

A network presence created with css-website-kit is also functional on all old systems without javascript; as long as the minimum requirements [HTML5/CSS3] are met.

Progressive Enhancement

Progressive enhancement describes a method in web design that includes accessibility, semantic markup, and separation of information and presentation to make a website usable for end devices that have limited functionality (JavaScript / CSS / Flash support). The philosophy behind this is that web pages should basically be accessible to any web browser and any type of internet connection in its most basic form - the provision of information - and an improved version of the page to users with better bandwidth and more advanced advanced browsers.

Progressive enhancement is the reversal of the prevalent fault-tolerant practice of web development, where a web page was initially programmed for the most advanced end-user devices, and an older version that was provided or relied on for older devices that do not support modern features; the newer features are simply ignored and a more basic version is automatically rendered. The problem with this approach, however, is that either the workload is higher, since several different versions of a page for different devices must be programmed and maintained, or that an older device does not demonstrate the desired fault tolerance and the contents are thus not or insufficiently displayed or are usable.

This attitude and approach on the part of many web designers resulted from the fact that early browsers with regard to the support of HTML, CSS and JavaScript were still hardly standardized and websites were also hardly displayed on other devices than regular computer browsers, as z. As mobile devices (PDA / Smartphone) did not have the ability to display websites or even connect to the Internet. In practice, the theory of "graceful demotion" has been taken to mean that the end user simply has to update their browser software. However, this attitude ignores the fact that many users can not simply update their software because, for B. Company computers have limited access rights and software is not constantly updated there. In addition, it ignores the fact that there are users who either intentionally do not update or connect via mobile devices, where the available bandwidth and the support for images and scripts or the screen size is limited.

This is countered by progressive improvement by making the basic information that makes up a website accessible to all devices, and by providing externally integrated stylesheets and / or scripts with enhanced functionality on the devices that have the technical capabilities, to use these.

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Too many developers rely on JavaScript as an essential resource. Have a look at sites that are modern, interactive, and feature great user experience, without the need of JavaScript.

Font Awesome 4.7

Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized - size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS. One Font, 675 Icons.

No JS necessary

These pages are completely functional without the browser's own scripting language. This functionality is based on the use of HTML5, CSS3, IFrames, Apache 2, and a server based scripting language.

All media supported

Whether it's pictures or not, it doesn't matter if you play MP3 music or WAV sounds, MP4 movies or Youtube videos, all media is supported.

Inbuild Search

You don't need an additional program for a complete search.

These functions are provided exclusively via PHP.

Inbuild eMail

You don't need an additional program for your e-mail traffic.

These functions are provided exclusively via PHP.

Inbuild HELP

The help is designed for manual keyboard control, functions and assignments.

These functions are provided exclusively via CSS.

Navigation menu

The navigation is extensive, self-explanatory and can be operated by keyboard.

These functions are provided exclusively via CSS.


There are already some suggestions for your personal space divider.

These functions are provided exclusively via CSS.


There are already some suggestions for your personal headlines.

These functions are provided exclusively via CSS.

One or more languages

It is completely up to you how many languages you want to provide.

Day- / twilight

You have the choice! Do you prefer brighter or darker.

These functions are provided via CSS and PHP.

Geographical maps

Without Javascript, you have nearly all features of OpenStreetMaps™ at your disposal.

These functions are provided exclusively via PHP.

Responsive Presentation

The display is fully scalable and is independent of the used hardware.

This functionality is provided exclusively via CSS

Inbuild Upload

The function for uploading images is completely ready.

These functions are provided exclusively via PHP.

Media viewer

A very comprehensive module that covers everything you could wish for.

These functions are provided exclusively via CSS.

Keyboard control

Individual command keys and continuous tab key activation of all elements.

These functions are provided exclusively via HTML.

Error view

Individual error views of all available error codes of the used server.

These functions are provided exclusively via APACHE.

Meta data

Automatic generation of all meta data of image, audio and video files in developer mode.

These functions are provided exclusively via PHP.


Not all, but very mutch YouTube videos are completely playable without Javascript.

These functions are provided exclusively via PHP.

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