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S5: Case My name is Christian and my profession is web design and programming. When I searched for a browser based slide show system which should answer my personal needs I encountered S5 (Simple Standards-based Slide Show System) from Eric Meyer []. This format/program could match my concept of a slide show system best. Since the control panel and the features did not please me at all - I thought it could be a good thing to extend S5 to a higher level.

I paid attention with programming especially to get a high compatibility with the Gecko, KHTML/WebKit and Opera engine. That IE thereby would fail was no intention. So I decided to create a second version with less features (no sound & no charts) but fully compatible with IE 6/7. This version is named S5 1.29 a.k.a. one4all.

Websites source highlighting implementation
GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter. Copyright © 2004, 2005, Nigel McNie.
All rights reserved (GNU GPL). Modified by C. E. for W3C html validation.

Clock captcha implementation
Clock Captcha v1.0 - Copyright (c) 2007 by Steve Schneider.
All rights reserved (GNU GPL v2.0). Modified by C. E. for

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